The Authors' Tent is a marketplace of local and regional, published and self-published authors signing and selling their books. Details for 2014 forthcoming!

Authors' Tent

2013 Participants:

Friday, September 27

James J. Adams
D. Antoinette
Ralph Baker
Tanya N. Brown
Karen and Brian Cohn
Dr. Donna Marie Day
Magdaline DeSousa
Andrew Foreman
W.C. Hart
Stephanie Henderson
Brittney D. Herz
Justina Ireland
Catrenia Thornton Jones
Karl A. Lamb
Lauren Levine
A.T. Nicholas
J. Powell Ogden
Archana Prasanna
Rosa Pryor
K.R. Raye
Anna Renault
Richelle N. Rodgers
Pavarti K. Tyler
Lindsey R. Sablowski
David B. Stinson
D. Marietta Williams

Saturday, September 28
Lorraine Anderson
Reicko Antonio
Steve Bradshaw
Wendy Cohen
Ellen Cromwell
Dick Ellwood
Fred C. Gilmer
Dee Grisset
Donald Hawkins
Regina Jeffers
Jax Jillian
Sally Johnston
Nydia R. Kastre
Anysia Kiel
Kenton Kilgore
Heather Elizabeth King
Jeff Knowles
George Leary
M. Andre Lewis
Joseph Lorick
Thomas Low
Louie Mckinney
Pamala Mintz
Peggy Stankiewicz
Loretta Veney
Andy Vineberg
Alonza Williams
Mateen Zar

Sunday, September 29
Kacie Bawiec
Garrett Brown
TM Brown
Nike Campbell-Fatoki
Mark Carp A
Melony Cooper
Sophie Davis
Tanille Edwards
Rob Gutro
I.R. Harris
Margaret Placentra Johnston
Martha Kennerson
Marcella Kriebel
Lenore Luca
Julie Milillo
Melissa Mitchell
Jean Murray
Tamara Neal
Christine Hughes
Andi O'Connor
Wendy J. Ormsby
SaBrowny Rae
Peggy Seeney-Caranda
Leslie J. Sherrod
Janie Suss
T. Richards
Sherry Burton Ways
Sunshyn Whittington

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Sept 26-28, 2014
Fri & Sat: Noon - 8pm
Sun: Noon - 6pm


Baltimore Inner Harbor

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